Edmonton Travel Agency Success Stories!

If you’re like most people, you may be weighing the advantages of doing-it-yourself or hiring a travel agency in Edmonton when it comes to planning your next vacation. With so many travel websites on the Internet, it can be tempting to spend hours and hours as an amateur “travel agent” in search of the best deals. However, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself: How much is your time worth? And what makes you think you can really find a better deal than a third-party professional? Any seasoned traveler will tell you that a package deal from an Edmonton travel agency is — not only the easiest way to travel � but also the most economical, all things consider. Would you pay someone $100 to save you $1,000?

Recently a family of four wanted to fly from Canada to Tokyo, Japan. They ended up saving just over $4,625 on their trip by booking with a travel agency in Edmonton. With “high season” December prices as high as $9,000 at Expedia and $7,039 at Travelocity for the same flight, the family knew they could do better with an Edmonton travel agency. Similarly, a family of three left Canada for Cairo, Egypt for $5,812 � when Expedia and CheapTickets were offering over $12,000 for their best deals!

Another family was looking up hotel accommodations. At $200/night for a five-star in Paris, it’s easy to consider staying for just the weekend, rather than the whole week at that rate. However, by taking advantage of a travel agency in Edmonton, the family found five-star accommodations for $99/week! They were surprised to be offered rooms in castles, chalets, villas and five-star resorts for such a low price. In the end, paying their Edmonton travel agency a small commission was still less than the original weekend getaway they had considered. In addition, they were able to find out about area attractions, cruise deals and rental cars too.

Speaking of cruises, imagine the surprise a couple of newlyweds felt when they were given the choice of over 20,000 cruise itineraries, with over 2,800 ports of call and 150 ships! The all-inclusive cruise experiences presented by their Edmonton travel agency offered: Las Vegas style entertainment, limitless food like leg of lamb and lobster bisque, and included city tours. They had no idea that honeymoons could be so stress-free and affordable.

It seems surprising that an Edmonton travel agency like World Resort Vacations could offer such spectacular deals. That’s just what happens when you’ve got a network of over 5,000 hotel chains, airlines, rental cars and cruise lines spanning 114 countries to choose from.